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241.008 C5FC.15404

The 15404 Wire Container is very versatile and is extremely strong and durable. This container will cube a standard size trailer
(two high, two wide). It is available with or without casters which are 5”x2” (12.7x5.08 cm) Polyurethane, 2 Rigid and 2 Swivel.
The 15404 has a ½ drop front gate on the 48” (121.92 cm) side, the side mesh is 2½”x4½” (6.35x11.43 cm) and the base mesh
is 1”x6” (2.54x15.24 cm). These containers can be stacked four high with product and up to 30 high when collapsed for storage
with a collapsed height of 12½” (31.75 cm).
Art nr: 241.008
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